The following is a streamlined approach to bill for a flat fee service.

Prerequisite - enable the feature option under Settings->Account Configuration “Automatically generate and approve invoice for flat fee matters”

For a more detailed overview of flat fee billing, please refer to

When opening a matter and setting the bill type to “Flat Fee Traditional” you will be required to enter the amount being charged (ie, the contracted amount). The ‘Contract Amount’ will be used to generate an invoice, thus billing this amount to the client. As a result, when you go to view this charge under the [Time & Expense] tab, it will have a green dot on it indicating that it has been billed.

Expenses (aka charges) that have been billed are read-only. The bill (aka invoice) will appear under the [Billing] tab and will show an outstanding balance in the same amount as indicated in the matter ‘Contract Amount’ field.