The following is a streamlined approach to bill for a consultation. It is unique to consultations specifically given their frequency and the standard practice of accepting payment at the time of consultation. It is not the only way to bill for a consultation and record payment, as a consultation can also go through the same review and approval billing process to generate a bill, but the streamlined approach is faster. If you are not receiving payment at the time of the consultation, then the standard approach is recommended.

After creating a record of Consultation, it will appear on the Contact’s [Snapshot] page in the card titled “Consultations”. Next to the record will be a link labelled “process payment”

Click on the link and a popup will appear asking for certain information about the payment. Select “Operating Account” as the destination for funds, specify the contact, amount and date of payment. There are additional fields to track the mode of payment (i.e. cash, check, credit card, etc), reference number or payment ID, and the name of the person making the payment should it be different than the person in the consultation (ex. Mother paying for daughter’s consultation).

The bill will be generated and marked as ‘paid’. The bill can be printed out by going to Billing->Invoices. A separate transaction showing funds going to the Operating Account will also be created and appear in reports.