If during the course of providing services there are additional charges you need to pass on to the client, or if there are services being extended within the same case that you need to charge to the client, there is a process in place to document these charges and bill them in addition to the initial flat fee amount.

Time entries are not billable on a flat fee case, but an expense record can be.

As a reminder, if the bill type of the matter is set to “Flat Fee”, then time entries and activities will not generate a charge. These can still be recorded and reported as work performed (showing amount of time involved and the value of that time), but it will be $0 on bills.

To create a new charge on a flat fee matter:

  1. Click ‘Create New’ at top of screen and choose ‘Add Expense’. A form will appear.
  2. Enter the details of this new charge and specify the Contact and Matter. It is recommended to provide a label/title and short description so that, if presented to the client in a statement, some additional information can be communicated to the client.
  3. Click ‘save’ and the expense record will appear under [Time & Expense]. If any corrections or changes are needed to this charge, edits can be made up until it has been billed.
  4. Generate a bill that includes this new charge. <How to generate a bill>
    1. If you have permissions to billing functions, you can generate a bill either by going to the Matter [Billing] tab and clicking ‘Generate Bill’ or by going to Billing->Charges for Processing and selecting the charge from the queue.
    2. If your role in the software does not have permissions to billing functions, you will either need those permissions granted to your role, o an administrator or billing clerk will process the charge and create the bill