With the mail tracking add-on enabled, you'll be able to keep a record of all incoming and outgoing mail for contacts and matters.


How to enable Mail Tracker Add-on

  1. Go to Settings>Integrations
  2. Find the Asset Tracker add-on and press Enable
  3. Setup a payment method
  4. You must sign out and log back in to see the Tracker option in your menu

How to manage user permission groups for Mail Tracker

  1. Go to Settings>Security Groups
  2. Click on edit next to your group
  3. Find "Manage Mail Record Information" and make sure it is marked on
  4. Press Save

How to "Add Mail" for incoming or outgoing mail

  1. Go to Tracker>Mail Log
  2. Click on Add Mail
  3. Toggle either Incoming or Outgoing mail
  4. Set a Label/Description
  5. Select a Carrier and input a tracking number if available.  This will turn into a link when viewing it in contact and matters.
  6. Save the record to a contact/matter
  7. Mark if you want the team members of the matter notified
  8. Set the date and time received


Searching for Logs

  1. Go to Tracker>Mail Log
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Use the available options to filter by contact, matter, carrier, and date range

Viewing Mail Logs for Contacts and Matters

  1. Open a Contact or Matter
  2. Go to the Documents area
  3. Use the Mail Log card to review received/outgoing mail
  4. Filter either by All, Incoming, or Outgoing records
  5. Click on the add ⊕ button to log mail