When your client's petitioning employer or family member will cover the fees for your client's case, you can send the bill to the appropriate payee using LollyPayments. For instance, if your client's employer will be covering all costs related to the case, then you have the option in LollyPayments to send the bill directly to your client's petitioning employer or family member.

There are a few ways to send bills to an authorized payee in LollyPayments.


Option #1: Send bill via email to a Petitioning Employer or Family Member

1. Go to Billing>Invoices and filter to find the invoice you would like to send to your client's petitioning employer or family member.

2. Click "Edit" and select "Send Bill (LollyPayments)."

3. Enter the payee's email address, the amount, and write your custom message to the payee.

4. Click "Send Bill" to send the bill to this payee. This payee will receive the client's bill in their email inbox, where they can make the payment on your client's behalf.



Option #2: Allow petitioning employer or family member to access your client's Client Bridge

If your client provides you with authorization, you can provide their petitioning employer or family member with access to your client's Client Bridge by following these steps:

1. Go to your client's Contact Record and click the "Client Bridge" tab

2. Under "Controls," ensure their Client Bridge is enabled and select "Change Login" to view your client's username. Select "Reset Password" to view your client's current password for "Client Bridge". With these two pieces of information, provide it to your client's petitioning employer's Point of Contact or their petitioning family member, along with the link to your client's Client Bridge.

3. The payee will log into your client's Client Bridge and go to "Invoices" to view the bill you have sent.

4. The payee will click the "Pay Online" button at the far right of the Client Bridge screen under "Invoices" to pay your client's bill online on their behalf.


These options allow for real world situations in which a petitioner or authorized payee will make payment online on behalf of the beneficiary. With LollyPayments, your client's needs are taken into account and we offer a variety of solutions for you and your clients, so you can feel comfortable about the service you are providing to your clients.