Contacts are records that keep information about people or organizations.  A record can be created for anyone at anytime and does not require that you sign a contract or open a case.  After you create a Contact record, you can link it to your consultation, case or form, and it brings with it all the information you entered for that Contact.  And, most importantly, when you add information about that person via a form, it is saved to the Contact record too.

Adding Contacts

Lolly helps manage information about Contacts, i.e. individuals / organizations, so that you can more easily do consultations, work on cases, and complete government forms.

To add a new contact

  1. Click "Create" and select "Contact"
  2. If the Contact record is for an Organization, then select “Organization” as the contact type.  Otherwise, select “Person”
  3. Complete the form press "Save"
  4. You will automatically be taken to the Contact Snapshot area where there will be sections of additional info.  Fill out as much info about the Contact as you want. Press ‘Submit’ to return to the main contact area and the new Contact record you just created.
NOTE: You can return to this Contact record at any time by using Search.