Below are the current “placeholder” values currently supported by Document Automation. The first column [Scope] indicates where the data is located in the system and what it is about. The second column indicates the exact field that should be put into your custom document template where you want the system to place data. You can use the same field more than once.

“You” will default to the user who is running Document Automation unless another user is specified in the wizard.

Document Automation supports a second Contact subject in a template. If your template needs information from a second contact, you can use the same placeholders for “Contact” listed below and instead of “c1…” the placeholder will begin with “c2…”.

If your template file is Word (.docx), please note that the placeholder must be entered in a particular fashion. Due to the way Word encodes the data and how DocAuto finds the placeholder you use, the placeholder cannot be of mixed formatting. For example, “c1firstname” and “c1firstname” will not be found by the DocAuto process. The placeholder needs to be entered into the template document by manually typing the placeholder into your document, as opposed to copying/pasting the placeholder from the list below.

For uppercase values, put your placeholder in brackets and in all uppercase, such as [C1LASTNAME].

Multiple Placeholders on Single Line

When using multiple placeholders on the same line in a Word document template, you must use Word's 'MergeFields' feature for each of those placeholders, specifically. See this article for more information. In your Word document, go to the 'Insert' tab, click the tool 'Explore Quick Parts' and select 'Field' to begin using the 'MergeField' feature on a particular placeholder. A pop up window will appear on your screen, where you will need to select the 'MergeField' field name. Under 'Field Properties', enter the placeholder value from the list below that you wish to use, select your formatting if any, and click 'OK' to set the merge field for your value. This will ensure you can set multiple placeholder values on a single line in your Word document template.

List of Available Data Fields

Note: The fields within the ‘Contact’ scope may refer to a proposed contract that has not yet been finalized. This is so that contracts can also be created via this document automation. You do not have to create a Matter prior to signing a contract in order to use document automation. You can go to Contact->Edit->Contract Info to set this ‘proposed contract’ data.

Scope Field What is it? Example
General valtoday Today’s Date 4/29/2023





Today's Full Date

Your Last Name

April 29, 2023


You myfirstname Your First Name Adam
You myemail Your Email
You mytitle Your Title Attorney
You myfullname Your Full Name Adam East
Contact c1firstname First Name Arya
Contact c1middlename Middle Name Genevieve
Contact c1lastname Last Name Stark
Contact c1salutation Salutation Ms.
Contact c1fullname Full Name Arya Stark
Contact c1dob Date of Birth 4/29/1995
Contact c1email Email
Contact c1aliennumber Alien Number 34567889
Contact c1ssn Social Security # 005223245
Contact c1passport Passport # 2465698
Contact c1i94number I-94 # 234585678
Contact c1eadnumber EAD # 234756588
Contact c1phone Primary Phone 208-999-9999
Contact c1mobile Mobile Phone 208-999-9999
Contact c1mailingaddressfull Mailing Address 34 E Castle Dr, Winterfell, NV 76546-9876







Building Type

Apartment Type

Mailing Address Line 1

Building B

Apt. #201B

34 E Castle Dr

Contact c1mailingaddressline2 Mailing Address Line 2 Winterfell, NV 76546-9876
Contact c1mailingaddressline3 Mailing Address Line 3 USA
Contact c1residentialaddressfull Residential Address


34 E Castle Dr, Winterfell, NV 76546-9876









Residential Address (Line 1)

Residential Address (Line 2)

Residential Address (Line 3) 


303 Apple Road APT 12

Los Angeles, CA 90064

United States

Adjustment of Status

Contact c1contractamount Contact Amount $5000.00
Contact c1contractretainer Retainer Amount $2000.00
Contact c1contractstart Start Date of Contract 5/1/2016
Contact c1contractmonthlypaymentamount Monthly Payment Amount $300.00
Contact c1contractmonthlypaymentstart Payment Start Date 6/1/2016
Matter mcaseid Matter Name QN-stark160501
Matter mcasetitle Matter Title Adjustment of Status for Ms. Stark
Matter mcasetype Case Type AOS
Matter moffice Office Abbr QN
Matter mdateopened Date Matter Opened 05/01/2016
Matter mstatus Matter Status Open
Matter msetcontractamount Contact amount set on the Matter $5000.00
Matter mmonthlypayment Monthly payment set on the matter $300.00
Matter mdateclosed Date Matter Closed 6/3/2019
Matter mdisposition Disposition of Closed Matter Approved
Matter mreceiptnumber1 First USCIS Receipt Number WAC 11 012 50960
Matter mreceiptnumber2 Second USCIS Receipt Number WAC 11 012 50960
Matter mreceiptnumbers All USCIS Receipt Number WAC 11 012 50960, WAC 11 012 50960
Matter msecondarystatus Intermediate status of case Awaiting Government Response
Matter mactiondate Expected Action Date for Secondary Status 2/1/2022
Matter mreceiptnumber Primary Receipt Number on the Matter 876230582
Event eventtitle Title of Event Biometrics Appointment
Event eventdate Date of Event 9/12/2016
Event event_datetime Date and Time of Event 9/12/2016 3:00PM
Event event_f1_date Full Date and Time of Event September 12th, 2016 9:00AM
Event event_f2_date Full Date Event September 12th, 2016
Event eventlocation Location of Event 876 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 87654