Document Automation is a feature available to all users of Lolly Law. It allows for users to populate their own documents with data from Lolly Law. Some examples of common templates are:

  1. Contracts
  2. Welcome Letters
  3. Reminders of Events
  4. Case Closure Letters

Creating a Template

Note: The supported file types are: .docx
  1. Locate and open an existing template you use
  2. Locate the list of available fields the system uses for Document Automation. A full listing of these fields can be found here.
  3. Save the document

Upload Template

Note: If this is your first time using this feature, Lolly Law will automatically create a new folder within the Library called ‘Templates’
  1. Log in to Lolly Law and go to the Library->Document Templates section
  2. Click on the 'Upload Document' button in the top right corner of the table
  3. Upload your document template to this area. The next time you go through Document Automation process, this template will appear as an option in your drop down list.

Creating the Document

When you are ready to create a document, you can do so from the Library->Document Automation section.

  1. In the new form that appears on page, select one of your templates from the list.
    If the list is blank or you do not see the template you are looking for, check that you have uploaded the template to the Document Templates area
  2. Search for a Contact that will be the subject of the document. If you began in the Contact section, then the Contact field will already be populated.
  3. (Optional) After selecting a Contact, a dropdown list of their matters will appear. If your document will contain information pertaining to a matter, then you must select it from this list.
  4. (Optional) After selecting a Matter, a dropdown list of Calendar Events related to this matter will appear. If your document will contain information pertaining to an event (such as a Court Appearance), then you must select it from this list.
  5. Click ‘Generate’

The system will create the document and it will automatically download to your local machine.