The following are steps to install the email add-on (optional) to your inbox. 

Google Gmail Add-on

  1. Log into your Gmail account and to the right of your inbox, click on the 'Get Add-ons' button
  2. In the GSuite Markeplace website, use the search bar at the top and search 'LollyLaw'. You will see the Gmail Add-on appear as a result.
  3. Click on the LollyLaw add-on and then on the next page, click 'Individual Install' to add it for yourself. If you are a domain administrator, you may also install it for all of your users using the 'Domain Install' option.
  4. You will be asked to authorize the Lolly Law gmail add-on for your Google account
  5. Once install, this Gmail Add-on will be accessible in both the your inbox from a web browser as well as the Gmail mobile app for iOS and Android.

With this add-on you will be able to open an email conversation and save it to either the Contact or Matter journal note area in Lolly Law. If you also want to save attachments you can do so and they will be saved to the linked folder for the Contact or Matter in the document storage solution (i.e. OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc) you have set up.