First, you'll receive an email notification or a system notification once your client initiates a payment. Then, all payments should process within 2-3 business days for credit card payments or eCheck payments.


LollyPayments: Timing of Deposited Funds and Payment Fees

Q: When does the first recurring payment process?

A: If a same-day recurring payment is created after 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, the first payment will be processed the following day.


Q: When are fees deducted from payments?

A: Fees are batched and deducted at the start of the following month from the operating account.


Q: What happens if I receive multiple payments within 24 hours?

A: eCheck payment funds will be deposited as individual transactions into your account. Credit card payment funds may be batch deposited into your account. This means you may not see a transaction-to-transaction match in credit card payments received and funds deposited.