It is common practice to track a log of phone calls, or other correspondence, to have traceability on who spoke with whom and when. The best place to record this information is in the Journal page of the matter. You can check the box ‘Includes Interaction’ to tell the system that this is not just a note, but a record of correspondence. The system will then be able to report on this information and do things like calculate the number of days since last contact.

When entering the record, here are some useful tips:

  • Be concise so that the next person can quickly discern the reason for the correspondence (the ‘What’) and the people involved (the ‘Who’)
  • Use names to distinguish people rather than pronouns like ‘he’ or ‘her’
  • If copying and pasting from another source (such as an email client), it is recommend to right click and use the option ‘paste as plain text’ to remove any hidden html formatting