Contacts are records that keep information about people or organizations.  A record can be created for anyone at anytime and does not require that you sign a contract or open a case.  After you create a Contact record, you can link it to your consultation, case or form, and it brings with it all the information you entered for that Contact.  And, most importantly, when you add information about that person via a form, it is saved to the Contact record too.

Adding Contacts

Lolly helps manage information about Contacts, i.e. individuals / organizations, so that you can more easily do consultations, work on cases, and complete government forms.

To add a new contact

  1. Go to Contacts area
  2. Click on the Action Menu  [icon size=”small” name=”awesome-flash”]
  3. Select “Add New Contact”
  4. If the Contact record is for an Organization, then select “Organization” as the contact type.  Otherwise, select “Person”
  5. Complete the short form press ‘Submit’.
  6. You will automatically be taken to the Contact Edit area where there will be sections of additional info.  Fill out as much info about the Contact as you want. Press ‘Submit’ to return to the main contact area and the new Contact record you just created.
NOTE: you can return to this Contact record at any time by using the Search bar in the Contacts area.

Editing a Contact

Do you need to make changes to a Contact’s information after they’ve been added to the system?  There are two ways to edit information for a Contact.  A quick edit can be performed on any data visible in a block in the Contact overview page.  And all data about the Contact can be accessed through the action menu.

Quick Edit

  1. Go to the Contact section and pull up the Contact.
  2. Click on the Edit button in the top right of one of the data blocks.  A form will appear to perform a quick edit.

Full Edit

  1. Go to the Contacts section and pull up the Contact by either first or last name
  2. Click on the Action Menu  and select “Edit Contact.”  This will take you to the “Edit Contact” area.
  3. The Contact record is organized into sections located in a menu on the left of the page.  Select a section from the menu.
  4. A dynamic form will appear with fields and values.  Enter information for the Contact and press ‘Submit’
  5. When done editing the Contact, click ‘Back’ in the top left

Delete a Contact

Note: The option to delete a Contact is only available when the Contact is not or has not been involved in a Matter or a Consultation elsewhere in the system.

To Delete a Contact:

  1. Go to the Contacts area and pull up the Contact
  2. Go to the Action Menu and click “Edit Contact”
  3. Click on the ‘Delete’ button in the upper right
  4. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm

Editing Contact Details In Forms

Note:  If you work in any forms and specify the Contact then the pdf will automatically print values of the contact into the relevant fields.

When you add a form to a matter (e.g. I-130), it may contain sections that ask about a Contact in the system.  By specifying a particular Contact as a subject of the form, ex. Beneficiary = <this Contact>, then the system will automatically take values you have entered for that Contact and print them into the relevant fields of the PDF.  If the data you provided exceeds the space on the PDF, which can happen, then that information will be formatted and appended to the end of the PDF as an addendum.

If during the course of filling out the form you have questions about what data is in the Contact record, or would like to update the Contact, a jump button is conveniently located in the left nav menu that will open up the Contact’s record.  When done, click ‘Back’ and you will return to the form you were working in.

Import Contacts

Note: These steps can only be performed by an Administrator

  1. Go to Settings->Import
  2. Download data template.  Do NOT alter template headers or the order of data
    Note: phone numbers are split into [Area Code] – [Prefix] – [Line] segments for USCIS form handling
  3. Fill out template
  4. Click on the file upload button, select the completed template to upload
  5. Click Submit.  A confirmation prompt will appear.  Click ‘Yes’ to continue
  6. You will receive an onscreen success notification
  7. If there was a problem with any record within the file, the importer will NOT import any of the data in the file.  Check the data in the file and resubmit.
    REMEMBER: The template must not be altered and there must only be one row per record

Export Contact Data

From time to time it may be useful to export an entire list of all contacts in the system.  There is an export Contacts feature available to Administrators under the Settings -> Export page.  Additional information about Contacts can be exported.  If you have a specific need, please contact

To Export Contact Data

  1. Go to Settings->Export
  2. Click on the link ‘Download all contacts in account’.  A .csv file will download.