When filling out information about a contact there are sections pertaining to the person's family. Namely, their spouse, marriage history, children, and parents. Filling out these areas of the contact is necessary in order to sync to forms and populate documents. If a member of the family will also be a subject in their own filing, it is appropriate that a contact record be created for them. Then in their own contact record, there is also an area to list family members and their information. This creates a problem of additional data entry across related contacts. For example, the list of children between two spouses is likely the same. If you have listed the children under one contact and now want to do the same for another contact, it would be convenient to have a copy function. For this reason, Lolly Law provides a helpful way to manage connections between contacts so that data can be copied between them and thereby reduce the need for additional data entry.  The list of connections can be found under each contact's snapshot.

How to turn a family member into a Contact record

When viewing the list of family members (i.e. spouse, child, parent) under the Contact profile, in the 'Marriage, Family and Household' section, there will be a "Link to Contact" button in the top right corner of their record. Clicking on this will open a modal that will ask some information about the relationship and then give you an option to either: 1) search for an existing Contact to link to OR 2) create a new contact using the information about that family member. 


If linking to an existing Contact, the system will copy data from the selected Contact record into the family member's section.

If creating a new Contact record, then the system will use the data in the family member's section and create a new Contact record. 


How to Add a Connection to an Existing Contact

Note: If not linking to an existing contact, then a new contact record will be created based on the data you enter when defining the relationship

On the Contact Snapshot you will find a new card called 'Relationships.'  When defining a connection, you must specify the "Relationship Type" that Lolly Law will use to sync data between the contacts.  For example, adding a contact as a "Spouse" will sync that contact's data to the principal contact's spouse fields. The purpose of this feature is to reduce the amount of duplicate data entry tasks across contact records. Note: The sync is currently one-way. 

Available options are:

  • Spouse
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Child
  • Prior Spouse



How to copy data from one Contact to another Contact

When viewing the Contact record of the principal applicant, there will be a card titled 'Relationships' on the Snapshot tab. The principal applicant will be listed first, as they are the focal point for viewing family relationships. Each linked Contact will be listed along with their relationship type (e.g. Spouse) and a copy button. Clicking on this button will open a popup to choose which kinds of data to copy from the principal applicant to the selected Contact.