After scheduling a payment you'll want to check in to view and manage LawPay payments. This can be done from either the Billing>LawPay page or under Reports>Financial>Transaction Details. If there is an issue with payment processing, someone will need to follow up with the client directly to confirm the payment method.

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How to view scheduled payments and plans:

  1. Go to Billing>LawPay
  2. Apply filters to search (if needed)
  3. Use the table to view and manage scheduled payments


Options to Manage a Payment Plan:

Note: If a plan is in "ACTIVE" status, then it will be possible to make edits.  However, if the scheduled payment is "COMPLETED" or "CANCELLED" then only certain options will be available.

  1. View Transactions
    • See each payment that has been processed
    • Process a Refund on a specific transaction
  2. Issue Refund
    • Issue a refund on a scheduled payment or plan
  3. Update Credit Card
    • Change the credit card on file
  4. Edit
    • Change the amount to be charged
  5. Cancel
    • Cancel a scheduled payment plan. The entire plan will be canceled
  6. Delete
    • Delete a scheduled payment and remove it from the table


How to view all LawPay transactions

Next to the Scheduled Payments and Plans, there is a tab called Transactions. Only processed transactions will appear here. Visit this transactions page to verify client payments, history, card details, or process a refund. Filters are available by office, account, and date range.


How to view LawPay payments in the transactions report

There is a report in Lolly Law that can show you LawPay transactions processed through the integration and also any LawPay payments that have been recorded manually.  This report is to view processed data only. If you need to manage scheduled payments or if actions are required go to Billing>LawPay.

  1. Go to Reports>Financial>Transactions Detail Report
  2. Open the filters and set Payment Method to LawPay
  3. Click Apply Filter
  4. Review the results for the following scenarios
    1. Finds In and Funds Out are both $0.00. This will indicate that there is an issue processing the scheduled payment
    2. The description indicates that the payment was denied