This article describes a method for storing boiler plate documents in Google Drive and then using those templates to stamp out new documents for a particular Contact or Matter.

  1. First, save your template in Google Drive under the Lolly Law/Library folder.  It may be useful to append “TEMPLATE_” to the file name so that others know what it is.
  2. Next, go to Library section in Lolly and confirm it is visible to users from within the system.  Click on the document to open it up in Google Drive.
  3. In Google Drive, go to File->Make a Copy.  A prompt will appear to set the name for the new document.

  4. Then, go to File->Move to Folder.  A second prompt will appear to choose the destination folder.


Note: If you do not see the Lolly Law folder listed under ‘My Drive’, it may be that you are not the owner and need to create a link to the Lolly Law folder under your ‘My Drive’.  Learn How.