With industry-low rates and no sign-up fee, LollyPayments helps your firm get paid up to 70% faster. It's no wonder why our users are switching over to LollyPayments. With the following guidelines and our accessible customer support team, LollyLaw is here to support your firm as you make this transition over to the #1 payment solution software for immigration law firms.

The following are some guidelines and instruction to keep in mind as you transition your firm's active clients' payment plans and outstanding balances over to LollyPayments.


Identify the Cases with Pending Payments

 1. Pull Your Firm's Latest Accounts Receivable Report

Begin your transition by identifying your pending payment plans and balances across your firm. Pull your firm's latest accounts receivable report in LollyLaw by going to Reports>Financial>Accounts Receivable. This report will show you a total balance of all outstanding invoices. Depending on the volume of outstanding case balances at your firm, this report may take several minutes to run. The report will detail all of your firm's active case's outstanding balances. Export this report as a secure Excel Spreadsheet accessible only by your firm's administrators and accounting department, with password encryption and limited accessibility. For each case matter, add in each client's payment method details as detailed in LawPay. You will use this list of pending case payments to close these clients' payment plans in LawPay and transfer their remaining balances to LollyPayments.


2. Pull Your Firm's Pending Invoices

Pull your firm's latest report of pending payments on invoices by going to Billing>Invoices and filtering the invoices by "Awaiting Payment" to identify the invoices that have not been paid yet. Add this list of pending invoices to the Excel spreadsheet (referenced above, after you've exported the Accounts Receivable report) to close these clients' payments in LawPay and transfer their remaining balances into LollyPayments.


Stop All Future Payments in LawPay

Once you've pulled reports for all pending payments and outstanding balances, go into LawPay to stop any automatic payment plans. In a spreadsheet, log the fees paid by each client thus far, their outstanding balance, and payment method details.