When starting a new matter or editing an existing one, you may choose to set an optional secondary status field and date.

As a comparison, the primary status of a matter is either OPEN, PENDING, or CLOSED while the secondary status is useful when you want to provide more detail such as "Waiting for Government Response" and the expected resolution date.  

Q: Where is this status visibile?

A: This description and date will be present in the Summary block on the Matter>Overview page.  The secondary status is also shown in the Case Roster report.


Q: Can I add my own custom status values?

A: Yes, you can set additiona status values from account settings.

To add your own status values to the list follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings>Account Configuration
  2. Find the block "Set Custom Status List"
  3. Click the edit icon
  4. Add the desired values and save