Within Lolly are numerous fields for emails and phone numbers that have been made interactive, meaning, if you click on them it will open your default tool. In the case of emails, this would be your default email program.

The following instructions are for users on Windows 10 using either Google Chrome or Edge Chromium browsers


Set Gmail as Default Email Client

  1. Open your Browser head to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Handlers
  2. Turn on 'Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended)'

  3. Sign in to your Gmail account and in the URL bar of the browser click the handler icon next to the star icon on the right side of the address bar (shown below). Choose Allow from the dialog box and then click the Done button

  4. Now in Windows 10, we need to set the browser (i.e. gmail) as the default email provider. Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Email. Change the Email app to Google Chrome in the right panel.

Once the settings above are applied, when clicking on emails in Lolly, your browser will open Gmail and begin an email to the address that was clicked