Lolly allows Administrators to set a logo image for branding certain areas of the software such as Invoices.  The image must be available on the web and have an image URL.  If you are using Google Drive or private hosting you must ensure that permissions are set to public.  If you are unsure of the image URL, but know where it is on your website.  You can right click on image in a web page to see option ‘Copy image URL’.

Lolly will resize the image automatically (and still keep proportions) to fit on invoices.

To Set a Firm Logo

  1. Go to Settings->Account Information
  2. Click on the image "Change Firm Image" to the left of the block of fields about the firm.  A popup will appear for you to select a file from your local machine.
  3. Select the file and upload
  4. Click 'Save' button in the bottom right to finalize this change to the account