Okay so in a previous video we talked about how to Schedule a Consultation in the software. That was all from the perspective of the legal assistant of course it could very well be the attorney who does it. But there is one aspect to consultation that is typically done by the attorney and that's sitting down with the person and actually doing the consultation. So in this video, We're gonna talk about how to perform a consult and record what was discussed for archival purposes.

Let's begin with a contact record we have up on the screen, "Ben Knoll" who if you've seen the previous video you might be familiar with, there's a consultation that's already been scheduled on the calendar. So,
now what we're going to do is talk about some of the options the attorney has to record the notes of what transpired during that consultation. The first approach is to record the notes directly in the consultation record the other is going to be how do we prepare a document and attach it to the contact record. So let's do the first one. We're gonna put the note into the consult record. So we'll click on the consult, go down to the notes section, and in place of that placeholder value, the scheduled name "Ben Knoll". I'm going to erase this and this can be an open-ended text field where you can extemporaneously write in as you're speaking with the client or copy and paste from another source.

So let's say that to summarize, you know we spoke with him, and he wants to petition for his brother who's an alien currently in Singapore. And maybe, that's sufficient and that's all we want to put in to the consultation. Oh, that's fine. I'll go ahead and hit save. That note is preserved in Lolly. It's viewable from the consultation record here in the contact. It's also in the calendar in Lolly. That note also gets saved to Google Calendar. Which means if you have a mobile device or another app that can access Google counter you can search for the event by a date or title or perhaps the the contact name, and you can see what was discussed.

The other option is to use the sync with Google Drive, and the attached files block to create a document, could be a Google Doc would be a Word document, where you could put in your notes and format it in a much richer format than you could in the rich text field box of the consult entry. I'm going to jump to that folder in Google Drive and create a new document. Okay, so I just want to demonstrate how to create a file not necessarily populate it with what you're gonna say.

I know you can do much better than than I could in any example that I have but this is what it would look like we would create a document and now it appears in Mr. Knoll's record and is easily accessible to anybody who can pull up the contact. They can click on that document, and it will open it up in another tab.

If you are using a different tool perhaps Word, you've saved it to your local machine and when you're done you can also use the built-in uploader to select the file or drag and drop it to attach the contact record.