If you have been using LawLogix and want to bring data over from that system into LollyLaw, below is an overview of the procedure. Please contact us today to schedule your data import <sales@lollylaw.com> or call us as 530-535-8565.

Note: it is important to get your data into a useable format so that you can ensure the quality of the data that is provided to us. If the data is improperly formatted, incomplete, or otherwise corrupted, data migration may be impaired. Talk with our migration specialists before proceeding.

Typically, the following data can be exported from LawLogix and imported into LollyLaw: 

  • Contacts
  • Matters
  • Events
  • Users
  • Tasks
  • Notes

How to Export Data

  1. Go to [Reports] using the main navigation bar at left
  2. Choose new 'Template'
  3. Select desired report from drop down
    Note: If you are exporting client data, you must select "yes" under "Holiday Card Recipient." Otherwise the report will give you no results.
  4. Report Columns Tab - select all relevant fields you want exported
  5. Generate report