How to manage users

An administrator, or a user with permissions to manage users, will be able to add/edit/suspend users under Settings->User Management.

So let's start with adding a new user. An administrator is going to go to the Settings section. They will click on 'Manage Users', and then there'll be a button to add a new user which brings up a form where we'll put in the person's email. You will be asked to confirm and once you do, the system will send an invitation with a link to join the account.

After adding a new user, the person's name will appear as a record in the users table and you can edit their profile, set rates and permissions, and if you wanted to, pre-fill some of their representative info. Of course once they log in they'll have access to edit their profile themselves. They will not be able to change their own permissions however.

If you have already reviewed the default security groups, or created your own, then the dropdown to select a security group/role for the user will be familiar. This is a way to quickly assign permissions to a user. If you would like to review these permissions, or modify them, check out Settings->Security Groups. You can change a user's role at any time.

Now if this person should no longer have access to the software you can go to the Settings->Manage Users and then click 'Suspend' . Clicking this will effectively remove the user's ability to log into the software. It will not destroy any data or lock down any records that the user may have entered.