When working in Lolly Law you're going to want to document notes regarding the activities you're performing, maybe goings-on in the case,and even conversations or correspondence that you might have with the client.

So there are a lot of different areas in lolly where you can document this. For example, one field that's available is on the matter overview page the case theory or notes block. This is an area that is intended for the managing attorney to write in the broad legal brushstrokes about what this case is about the legal strategy that's to be applied and also what makes this case unique.

It's a good guideposts for the rest of the team. You can use this field for other things, however, when it comes to day-to-day logging there are other fields that are better suited to capture that information. For example, if we were to go to time and expense, and perhaps enter in a time entry, down at the bottom, there's an area to put in a note about what was being worked on. Today perhaps, let's say I am the paralegal and I have prepared the packet a document in the time that I spent on that and in the note I will put in something to the effect of "Prepared the packet for mailing."

Now, let's say that there was something else that I wanted to document about this activity. Maybe it was something different that other people should know about. For example, let's say that in the course of preparing the pack of our mailing I noticed that some of the materials the client gave us were still in Spanish and so those need to be sent out to translation services.

Perhaps, I contacted the translator and their office says that the turnaround time is going to be a week. Well, we're going to send that out, but that's gonna create somewhat of a delay. So I'm gonna document that here I'm still recording my time spent on the case, but now perhaps that note is something of elevated importance that the managing attorney and maybe others on the case should know.

So rather than go to a separator and create another note or send an email, I'll come up to this publishing block and I'll check off "Post in Journal". Now, what's gonna happen is is when I hit save? The system will create a time entry. The note will be in the time record. But, the note will also appear in a special place called the Journal which I'll show you now.

Okay, so here's the time entry. Now if I go over to the journal tab on the matter, the journal page is a centralized area for people to come and get caught up on the important going ons of the case. So, rather than have the managing attorney go through dozens or hundreds of time entries and try to read every single one of them figure out what's important; perhaps the attorney has already defined what constitutes a level of importance that it would get published on to the journal. It could be something to the effect of any correspondence with the client or any type of curveball that might create a delay in the case those things should be posted to the journal.

As you can see here, it looks like a time line the Journal will have the picture of the author, the date and time that they created that entry, and then what was said so it's going to flow like a chronology. Very useful because now every case has a centralized place that the attorney or the paralegals can go to to get caught up in a very efficient way. Perhaps in preparation for a meeting with the client to talk about how the case is going. So this is one way to keep notes that might be effective for you and your team.