Because Lolly connects to other Google services using the OAuth 2.0 framework, it makes it easy and fast for the system to automate actions like accessing a folder or creating an event on the calendar. But occasionally, the OAuth system might invalidate or expire your token. When that happens you might see something like this:

This indicates that Lolly attempted to use your token to access your Drive folder, but could not complete the action. You will need to get a new token.

To get a new token from Google:

  1. Log in to a Google Service or into your Chrome Browser
  2. Click on your user profile image in the upper right
  3. Click on the “My Account” button
  4. Under the section ‘Sign-in & Security’, click on “Connected apps & sites”
  5. Click on “Manage Apps”
    Click on “Lolly Law” to expand the view and then click on the “Remove” button
  6. Now that the token has been revoked, the next step is to go back to Lolly Law and log in. There will be a Google Permissions window that will appear asking if you want a new token to be issued.