This section pertains to Administrators

Within the Lolly Library is a page for “Case Types”.  These are the boilerplate workflows you can use to expedite setting up a new matter with tasks, milestones and forms.  Administrators have the ability of not only modifying existing templates, by creating new ones specific to your firm’s desired workflow.

Create Case Type

To create a new case type:

  1. Go to Library area -> Case Types page
  2. Click on the add button in the top of the list of case types.  An entry form will appear in the right pane.
  3. Enter a name for the Case Type
  4. Add any tags that would be useful in pulling up the case type in search areas
  5. Use the search box to find and add forms to the case type.  A list of available forms (e.g. USCIS PDFs) can be referenced in the Library->Forms page.
  6. Add default tasks to the table.  A description must be provided.  If possible, put in the expected number of days from the start of the case that the task would be due.   The system will set the dates automatically when the matter is created, but they can be edited at any time thereafter in the matter Progress page.  Marking the entry as a “milestone” means that the completion of that task will be tracked as a % of overall case completion.  A good distinction between a task and a milestone is: a task is something that needs doing, while a milestone is a condition or event that should happen along the course of work.
  7. Press ‘Submit’ to save and add your new case type to the list.  It is available to users in your account immediately.
NOTE: You can edit the case type at any time.

Editing a Case Type

Edit a new case type:

  1. Go to Library area -> Case Types page
  2. Click on the case type in the list.  An entry form will appear in the right pane and load the case type information.
  3. Edit
  4. Press ‘Submit’ to save to commit your changes to the system.

NOTE: Edits to the case type template will only be applied in NEW matters you open.  Existing matters of that case type will not have their tasks/milestones or forms change.

Using a Case Type

To use a case type:

  1. When opening a new matter, there is a field labeled “Case Type”.  Type to search for the desired case type in your account
  2. When you click ‘Submit’ and create the matter, it will load the tasks, milestones and forms you specified in the case type template
  3. As part of the process of administrative setup for a matter, a good practice would be to: determine if there is any customization needed for the matter, and if so edit tasks/milestones/forms as needed, assign tasks and calendar events.