In LollyLaw's Settings, your firm's administrator can reassign Matter Records, Tasks, and Reminders to another user with the "Bulk Operation" button.

To reassign in bulk, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings>User Management.

2. Click the "Bulk Operation".

3. Select the type of activities you would like to reassign (ie. Matter Record only, Task and Reminder, or Task Matter and Reminder.)

4. Select the user you would like to transfer from, the specific Matter Records, and the User(s) you would like to transfer to. If you click "Select All," then all of that user's Matter Records or activities will be transferred to the recipient user. If you only need to transfer a select number of Matter Records or activities, then you can select the specific matter records from the user's caseload. 

5. Click the "Re-assign" button and you're finished.