How to add a charge/expense

  1. Select 'Create New' at top located next to search bar
  2. Select 'Add Expense'
  3. Complete the form fields by specifying at least the amount, date of the expense, who it was incurred by, and the contact and/or matter associated with the expense.
  4. Users may also identify if the expense is a Pass Through Expense or Fixed Fee Expense, located in the drop down menu of the Secondary Fee Type.
  5. Save

The Secondary Fee Type allows users to identify expenses as either Pass Through Expense or Fixed Fee Expense. This feature was added to LollyLaw to provide users with more clarity regarding the expense type. 

  • Pass Through Expense: This is a cost that a firm incurs from a third party, such as a filing fee or materials. It is not a service that the firm offers.
  • Fixed Fee Expense: This is an agreed-upon amount for a service that is being provided.

The Pass Through Expense will appear in the Expenses section of the invoice. The Fixed Fee Expense will appear in the Flat Fee section of the invoice.

Note: Expense records will appear under the Matter > Time & Expense tab.