LawPay’s credit card processing capabilities make accepting and managing payments easy. It is easy to set up and does not require any additional hardware. This means your clients can pay bills anywhere they have internet access.

Lolly Law has seamlessly integrated with LawPay so that billing functions and creating invoices will automatically trigger LawPay to notify the client with a PDF copy of the bill that contains a secure payment link. The secure link offers your clients the ability to pay the bill online using their credit card or bank information.

Required: To enable LawPay integration you will need to already have a LawPay account
To sign up for the LawPay Integration, call LawPay at 1-866-376-0950 to set yourself up to receive online credit card payments or go to Once your account is set up, you can enable LawPay through Lolly Law’s integrations page.


Setup Steps

1. Go to the LawPay integration card.

To set up the integration using your existing LawPay account, go to your Lolly Law integrations page under Settings>Integrations and click "Connect with LawPay" on the LawPay options.

2. Confirm and Authorize

You will automatically be redirected to LawPay where you will be required to log in if you are not already. Once you log in to LawPay, you will be presented with an "Authorize" button that you must click to enable the LawPay Integration. Note: By selecting "show credit card payment link on invoices" allows clients to pay directly from an invoice.

3. Map the Bank Accounts for Operating and Trust

After clicking the "Authorize" button, you will be redirected to Lolly Law where you will be required to map an operating account in Lolly Law to the live operating account in LawPay (if you have not yet created bank accounts in Lolly Law, you will be prompted to do so). Note: You will need to link both Operating and Trust Accounts for the integration to work properly