Welcome. In this video we're gonna be talking about how to sync to Google. Now there's a lot of different Google services out there, but the two that we're gonna be focusing on are Google Calendar and Google Drive. More specifically, how do we sync events we create in Lolly with Google Calendar? And then how do we manage our files and folders using Google Drive?

So the first let's talk about events in Lolly. So in the software you can track upcoming biometrics appointments, court appearances, consultations, really anything that you want. Those will all appear in the system calendar. It will also sync to your Google Calendar.

So let's go ahead and do a consultation so we can see that in action. So I'm going to create a consultation event for tomorrow. It's now visible here in the contact record. It appears on our system calendar and it also has synced up to Google Calendar automatically. There's nothing that you need to do.

There's a couple different ways to access that event the first being you could have another tab open and just view it in Google Calendar, like I have here. It should appear maybe immediately or second after you create it. The other nice thing is it's visible outside of Lolly. Meaning, you're gonna see it across all your devices and any app that has access to your calendar. The other way to access that event is to open up the record in Lolly and down at the bottom is a link. This will open up another tab and bring you to the Edit view of that calendar entry.

Now quick word on the sync and what's going on, anytime you create an event in Lolly and it goes on a counter it automatically syncs to Google. If you update the event in Lolly meaning, maybe you come in after the consultation and put in the notes of what was discussed those will sync automatically to that event if you happen to be working in Google Calendar, and you change this event here, that will persist and they'll be in your calendar, but it won't sink down into Lolly's.

So that's an important thing to reiterate. The synk is 1-way. It's anything you do in Lolly syncs up what you're doing. The Google Calendar won't sync down. There's different reasons for that but the simplest one is in Lolly for these events we have additional fields. We track what client it might be related to, or what matter it's for, even things like how much you're going to bill for that time, and at the moment those fields aren't available in Google Calendar.

Okay, let's talk about the next sync which is with Google Drive. So one nice thing about Lolly is whenever you add a new contact or open up a new matter the system's gonna reach out to your Google Drive and create folders for you on your behalf, so you don't have to go and do that manually. Then down at the bottom of these records there's going to be a block called "Attached Files". Now Lolly doesn't have its own document storage. Instead it presents you a window into that folder.

So let me demonstrate so you can see it in action. There are some controls in the top here, one of them is an upload. So here's a way that we can select files on our local machine or drag and drop them into the window. I've got some prepared here, so I've got an example image and then PDF or a scan of the drivers license. I'm just going to drag these over and upload them.

When a file is uploaded or or is in that folder you will be able to see the contents of it in that attached files block. They're presented as links so if I see something that is of interest or that I want to work on like a document I can click on it and it'll open up in another tab.

Now if you have other Google Apps in Google Drive that you want to use or maybe you're just more comfortable working there, there is a convenient way to jump straight to that folder. It's a jump button right here in the upper corner.

What's nice about this is it saves you some time you don't have to go searching for that folder or clicking through you know a folder directory to get to where you want. Because this is a Google Drive. It means you can access these documents even when you're not logged into Lolly. You can do it from your mobile phone from your Google Drive app or any app that can interface into that Google services.

Okay, I hope that this video was helpful if you could put a like on the video, or if you have questions or suggestions for other topics. You'd like to see us cover go ahead and put a comment in the section below.