One of the benefits of using Lolly is the convenience that comes with integrating to your cloud storage provider and having Lolly automate some of the document management functions in your office. Currently, Lolly can integration with a number of major cloud storage providers (see below).

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • AWS - custom server
  • AWS - Lolly managed

Once enabled, all files and folders will be created and stored in your cloud storage. This means that your files are yours all the time, even when you are not logged into Lolly. You can access those files outside of the system, using your preferred device and app. When working in Lolly and either creating a document or uploading a file, these will be saved to your cloud storage and not in Lolly.

How it works

Lolly will act somewhat like a virtual assistant for your office. When you create a new Contact record or open a new Matter, the system will reach out to your cloud storage provider and create a folder for you, name it and link it back to the record in Lolly. In some firms, having a folder for the Contact is useful, even before they become a client and open a matter, as it allows the firm to store files such as scans of driver's license or other materials that are part of their standard intake process. They then use the matter folder for storing receipts, evidence and other materials related to the case. When a client has multiple matters, either concurrently or over time, having separate folders can also be advantageous. Also, there is a button in the [Documents] section that links directly to the folder in your cloud storage. So once you are in a Contact or Matter record in Lolly, clicking that button will open a new tab in the browser and jump you directly to that folder location - no searching or clicking through directories needed!

That being said, if you are using OneDrive, Box or Google Drive, you do have even more control over the folders. You can move them within your cloud storage or rename them and the linkage with Lolly will not be affected. In regards to the Client Bridge portal that provides a means for clients to upload documents to you, that particular area is linked to the Contact folder and saves to your cloud storage. This is because you are able to enable the Bridge for someone and ask for documents as soon as you create their Contact record (and possibly before you create a matter).