Creating a New Matter

Matters, i.e. cases, can be opened at anytime from the "Create" menu or in your contact's snapshot page.   Matters are the work space where you will do things like record note, add time entries and expenses, fill out forms, and tracking case progress.

Important: Lolly uses the Billing Type to automate the accounting structure for the matter.  A matter’s Billing Type cannot be changed after it is created.  It is important that users select the correct Billing Type at the creation of the matter.

To open a matter:

  1. Go to the Contact section and search for the client.
  2. Add a matter by pressing the add button in the the Matters block.
  3. Assign a name to the Matter
    Note: Lolly gives all new matters a default name that you can edit as you like.
  4. Set up the billing type for the Matter
    Note: Currently, Lolly Law supports Hourly, Flat Fee, and Pro Bono billing types. From here you can enter the initial deposit or retainer amount as well as set up monthly payments or trust deposits.
  5. Set the parties involved or individuals involved in the Matter
    Note: To attach individuals to the matter, they must first be entered in as Contacts. Once entered as a Contact, the individual can be added to the matter.
  6. Assign legal team members. These users will then be assigned to this matter and receive a caseload change notification.
  7. Enter Case Theory/Notes in the text area.