While the Client Bridge already allows for intakes to be assigned to a client so that they may respond to those questions via the Client Bridge, there are situations in which you may need a client to fill out information for another Contact in the system.

Some examples include:

  • An HR representative may need to provide some basic information about employee(s)
  • A native English speaking child may need to provide information on behalf of their parent (a non-english speaker)
  • A client may need to provide information for a relative who is also a client contact in the system

Because of the nature of this data, it must be secured. By default, the client should only be able to access their own information. The client cannot have the ability to search for, or see, your other clients in the system. So, the solution is to manage access to view/edit data for other Contacts.

Manage Access

To see the list of other contacts to which the client can view and edit information via intakes in the Client Bridge, go to Contacts->Bridge->Manage Access.

You can add and remove Contacts from this table at any time. The order of the list has no material bearing on how these Contacts will be presented in the Client Bridge. Removing access does NOT delete data or change the list of intake packets assigned to that particular Contact.

Assign Intakes

Once the client has been granted access to at least one other contact in the system, there will be an additional dropdown option under Contacts->Bridge->Questionnaires.

The first drop-down is now for you to select the subject of the questionnaires. Changing the selection will update the table below to show the list of questionnaires currently assigned to the selected user.

Selecting and adding a new questionnaire/intake packet will add it to the list showing for the contact selected in the first drop-down.

Client View

Once the client has been granted access to another contact AND that contact has more than one packet needing to be completed, the client will see an additional questionnaire block for each other contact besides themselves. The client can complete these questionnaires just as they would complete their own.
n filling out a questionnaire, the contact's name will be clearly displayed at top to provide additional context to the questions on screen. When submitting, the system will send an email notification to the default email for the account and include the client name, title of the section submitted, and the name of who was the subject of the form.